Dealerscope’s editorial staff scoured the show floor of the international consumer electronics show for the top products, trends and new manufacturers you need to know. Read more to find out what we thought should be on your shelves, what the experts are saying is happening in the industry and our insights on what to look out for.


“IFA is back”

“IFA is back” was the saying heard everywhere around the Messe Berlin show campus. After a long hiatus, the show really was back and booming. It might not have been the biggest IFA ever — several manufacturers were inhibited from attending because of travel restrictions — but the bustling crowd showed just how ready consumers and retailers were to meet and discover new tech in person again.

For this Special IFA DigiMag, the Dealerscope editorial and production team worked both in person and virtually to cover this overwhelming show. From just walking the show floor to covering seminars and events, we got some excellent takeaways from the show to help predict where trends are going and what hot products to look out for.

Inside you will find some of the coolest products and top trends across the show’s huge campus. We also included several 60-second videos with manufacturers you need to know, as well as an insightful interview with Benjamin Jäger. The show included more talks than we could cover and inspiring messages, including a spotlight on energy from Schneider Electric and a message on diversity in the industry from IFA.

While the exact details are still on hold for next year’s show, we can expect to be even bigger and brighter that this first post-pandemic reiteration. For now, enjoy our coverage of this year’s global consumer electronics show in Berlin.

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Best always,

Tony Monteleone,
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Martin Ecknig, CEO at Messe Berlin GmbH


Live from the IFA Opening Press Conference

Industry leadership speaks
on current challenges and positive outlooks

By Erinn Loucks

Dr. Sarah Warneke, managing director of GFU

During the first press day at IFA, the leadership team presented their forecast for the industry, what to look for in this year’s show and what might be happening with IFA in the future.

Dr. Sarah Warneke, managing director of GFU, spoke first on how the industry is faring in comparison to previous years. According to Warneke, the global market for technical consumer goods amounted to $1.2 trillion in 2018. In 2020, the effects of the pandemic caused the market to grow significantly.

“If we compare 2019 and 2021, we even see a growth of 17 percent,” said Warneke. “This is because of increased entertainment, the technical possibilities of working and learning at home as well as devices for cooking and baking that were high in demand. People invested money in consumer electronics and communication devices, IT products and new kitchen household appliances. In 2021, all the regions of the world had positive growth in consumer electronics.”

However, consumer confidence is in decline across the globe. Because of impeding factors – including the Russian invasion, inflation and the continued effects of Covid 19 and disruptions to the supply chain. Despite this decline, current sales of consumer electronics are still above 2019 levels. Warneke also feels that the industry will still grow positively because of the popularity and potential savings of smart appliances and smart home products, as well as continued work-from-home lifestyles and the upcoming World Cup, which takes place in the winter this year.

“IFA, the world’s most important trade show for consumer and home electronics will make its contribution to a successful year and finish strong,” said Warneke. “I’m absolutely sure you will be inspired by all the innovations and products presented here.”

“We all lived through extraordinary years,” said Martin Ecknig, CEO of Messe Berlin. “Consumer electronics is back again, defining the world of technology. IFA 2022 will shape our everyday world for our time after the pandemic and be a trend setter for the industry.”

The press chimed in after the main speeches with two pertinent questions for the industry leaders.

Will Matter accelerate smart home connectivity?

Sarah Warneke: The topic smart home has always been connected to energy efficiency. We feel we are getting somewhere finally. It has been a topic the last 20 years, but energy saving is a very important issues that will accompany us into the future. These topics will still remain and we need to hammer them. It is going to be accelerated and will take off now.

What major sensations in the world of CE await us at the expo?

Kai Mangelberger: Energy saving is one big topic. Smart home combines with this topic. For me personally, it is indoor gardening, because I’m also part of another trade show. For me, that’s very interesting.


Meet the Exhibitors

Several top exhibitors at IFA showcased products highlighted and launched at the event. For these quick 60 second intros, exhibitors spoke with our editorial team on the ground for a snippet of what they are most excited about at the show.

IFA 2022 Showfloor


Dealerscope spoke with five North American exhibitors showcasing products at IFA to find out what to expect and what to look forward to.

By Erinn Loucks

After a three-year-long hiatus, IFA is back at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds September 2-6 presenting the latest products and innovations in the consumer electronics industry. Dealerscope spoke with five North American exhibitors showcasing products at IFA to find out what to expect and what to look forward to.

Why is it important to your company to exhibit at IFA?

“We are thrilled to launch this innovative product at IFA 2022. IFA is Europe’s premier show for home and housewares, connecting product to lifestyle and the industry to the consumer mindset. Our patented, new technology has never been used before in an at-home carbonator, and IFA is the ideal place for Carbon8 to debut and showcase our innovation. We’ve taken a great idea and made it that much better.” – Andreas Hansen, CEO and Founder of Carbon8

Carbon8 is the first countertop water carbonator that creates, self-sanitizes and dispenses sparkling water. Instead of the 4-step process that many popular carbonators on the market require, Carbon8 functions with one simple touch of the top control button, allowing consumers to easily click and sip.

“This past year, Aiper has successfully expanded its market share in the North American pool cleaner market, becoming the number one go-to brand for cordless robotic pool cleaners. With the gradual improvement and expansion of the company’s supply chain and sales channels, we believe it’s time to start our journey into the European pool cleaning market – and IFA is the perfect place to do that. As one of the most influential consumer electronic trade shows in the world, we feel this is the best way to demonstrate Aiper’s products to customers and retailers, all while introducing the brand to the entirety of the pool cleaning industry.” – Richard Wang, Founder and CEO of Aiper Global

The Aiper New Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is an entry-level cordless robotic pool cleaner that features a greater battery lifeline of 90 minutes, along with quick charge capabilities to reduce 50 percent of the usual charge time. It also features an ergonomic and hydrodynamic bionic design to increase power efficiency and reduce water resistance.

“JLab is the #2 headphone brand in the U.S. and we’re excited to continue share the JLab story of real innovation and surprising value with consumers globally. Since launching JLab internationally five years ago, the brand has been one of the fastest growing in the UK, Germany and Nordics, and we’re excited to see consumers connect with JLab’s products — from true wireless to kids headphones and microphones.” – Terra Teat, Chief Marketing Officer, JLab

JLab is announcing the launch of a new generation of true wireless. Both the JBuds and Epic Air true wireless families are getting major upgrades – now offering Find with Tile, new Bluetooth Multipoint connections, longer playtime and access to the JLab Sound App.

“IFA is the ‘Global Stage’ for all appliances/CE/IT product introductions. We want to educate end users as well as meeting with current and potential global distribution partners on Made in the USA MetroVac products.” – Ken Stern, Vice President – National Sales, Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co., Inc.

The multi-purpose DataVac Electric Duster is designed to blast dust, dirt and debris off of expensive tech equipment. It now comes with variable speeds: low for sensitive electronics/applications, or high for maximum cleaning output

“IFA is the largest consumer electronic show in the world, and we would like to benchmark our products with the best of the best! It is an uncertain time in the world at present due to the war in Europe, uncertain recovery from Covid, global supply chain issues etc, and one could argue that it is not a perfect time to be doing a new show. But there is never a perfect time to seek new opportunities. In fact, during Covid, we have come out with many new products in the health and wellness segment. We believe that Europe is a great opportunity for our innovative space-saving and multifunctional products and will be looking for ways to distribute them in different countries. – Atul Air, President, Equator Advanced Appliances

The Equator AnySpot clothes washer features a capacity of 0.65 cu. ft, which is about 10 shirts. It has an internal water heater to sanitize clothes, 800 rpm spin speed, Auto balance, Auto water level, LED display, Child lock and Delay Start. It weighs 37 lbs and can be hung on a wall in order to save floor space.

IFA is a great opportunity for UAG to catch up with our partners and industry friends from all across EMEA and for them to meet some of our senior management who also love to attend in order to meet customers.” – Shannon Pelot, Channel Marketing Manager, Urban Armor Gear


What are you most looking forward to this year at IFA?

“JLab and our team members across Europe, APAC and globally focus on building our retail and trade partnerships together with our brand, and IFA is a key destination for building these important partnerships. We love utilizing these face-to-face meetings to learn how we can help our partners grow, while sharing JLab’s new innovations, products and growth plans.” – Teat, JLab

“It’s been three years since our last appearance at IFA. Hopefully, tired of the pandemic restrictions imposed on us globally, anxious consumers as well as potential partners will be eager to explore new technology exhibited at IFA 2022.” Stern, Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co., Inc.

“We are looking to showcase representative products from different segments of our appliance line — Laundry, Refrigeration, Cooking, Climate control, Floorcare, Outdoor and Lifestyle. Many of these products have come out in the last few years as a result of Covid restrictions and the reality of needing to live safely. We have more 100 products available for the American market. The 12 showcased products at IFA have been successful, and Equator will project American innovation in an international environment.” – Air, Equator Advanced Appliances

“After three years of a gap, it’s going to be especially exciting this year to enjoy the buzz of inviting and meeting our partners at the UAG booth once again, reviewing and planning together and building even stronger relationships for the future.” – Pelot, Channel Marketing Manager, Urban Armor Gear

Robotic Automation from Arcelik, Image Credit: Arcelik


Arcelik Toutes Sustainable Appliances as the Way Forward

IFA Keynote Speaker, Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arcelik

By Brenda Thelusca

On Friday, the keynote opened up with David Ruetz, Senior Vice President of IFA Berlin 2022, saying how he had missed everyone after being apart for three years and how glad he is that they had a good start [to the tradeshow]. He mentioned that connectivity, smart homes, and sustainability are the three big trends of IFA this year. Ruetz said sustainability was the biggest trend out of the ones listed. He goes on to explain that “Companies are working hard to make sure that devices are being manufactured in a way that is sustainable and more products that help consumers to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle [are being made].” On the topic of sustainability, the main speaker for the keynote was introduced, Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arcelik. Hakan Bulgurlu is known for climbing up Mount Everest to raise awareness of climate change risks.

Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arcelik
Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arcelik

Hakan started by listing what people should do to reduce their amount of energy consumption. “Turn off your air conditioners in this blistering heat. Like the French would say, wash only parts of your body when you shower or shower with cold water, unplug your appliances when you’re not using them, don’t drive, ride a bicycle.” He emphasized how we need more people to participate in sustainable practices because the damage caused could be problematic for future generations.

Multiple companies have made sustainability an important part of their business practices and this could set a good example for consumers to be conscious of their waste as well. He pointed out that in the world there are about 3.6 billion cooling devices (air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers) and by 2050 that number will go up to 14 billion. He goes on to explain that the world right now can barely handle the amount of energy used by the 3.6 billion we have today.

He pointed out how the glaciers are melting, more weather-related disasters are happening, and more species are dying out because their home environment is no longer livable.”We have to get to a net zero future. We had to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees by the end of the century. And do not expect your governments and politicians to do this either. You have to do it. We have to do it. This is our responsibility. So I’m doing everything I can.” Bulgurlu said.

Bulgurlu went on by encouraging companies to create more energy-efficient appliances to help fight climate change. “Energy efficiency is the only quick solution if we utilize fully that we can get to this 1.5-degree future.”

He pointed out that the role of appliances is far bigger than anyone can imagine and that AC, refrigeration, electric motors, and lighting, consume 40% of all power in the world. “If there is a cleaner technology available, it should be mandatory that all of us use it.” He highlighted how the appliance company, Beko, has created sustainable washing machines that use less water. He wanted to make sure that companies see that sustainable products can be achieved and they should strive for eco-friendly products.

Bulgurlu talked about the US passing the “Inflation Reduction Act” and how it’s the biggest climate bill that’s ever been before. “They [the US] changed the description of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, from emissions to pollution. You may not think that’s a big change, but it’s a huge change by making it pollution. They have reduced the ability of courts to overturn the reduction in methane filtration requirements. Changing the description, really made a lasting policy change.” He compared it to Europe’s Green Deal, but said “ Europe still now looks tiny compared to what the Biden administration has achieved.”

He ended his speech by asking the audience to think about which they would prefer: a poor planet and rich people or a rich planet and rich people.


You Should Have These IFA 2022 Products on Your Radar

From drones to off-grid generators, see the four most innovative products from IFA 2022

By Sam Hitt

With 1,093 vendor companies present at the event, picking the most innovative and exciting products from the IFA 2022 show floor was a challenge. While I wasn’t able to visit every booth of the show, I got my fair share of steps in traversing the compound’s 27 exhibition buildings. As a result, the threshold for the products that made this final list was quite high, and each of the highlighted products comes from a market segment or company approaching pertinent challenges in an innovative way.

If some of the names on this list are unfamiliar to you, don’t worry. All of the manufacturers and products included below have a strong foothold for distribution in the United States and are all feasible options for independent retailers to carry in stores nationwide. IFA is a unique tradeshow for those of us that focus on the U.S. market since so much of the innovation present here flows from the European market. As a result, IFA provides an amazing opportunity to discover products and sectors that would otherwise not be on our horizon.

Without further ado, here is an in-depth look at four of the more innovative products that I saw at IFA 2022.

Carbon8: Infinity Spring
MSRP: $319

At-home sparkling water dispensers are nothing new — think Soda Stream — but most traditional consumer-minded carbonation devices use a straw to inject C02 into a bottle. Carbon8 provides a unique and innovative process where the water is carbonated and dispensed on-demand with the press of a button. Surprisingly, Carbon8 is the first consumer-oriented device to ‘turn on the tap’ for sparkling water.

The device has a two-liter water tank with an integrated UV light to sanitize the water and prevent any nasty bacterial growth. It also has the sleek profile of a PS5, and according to founder Andreas Hansen, the product design was inspired by the work of famous British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, who is best known for her radical deconstructivist designs. Moreover, while Carbon8 provides its own C02 exchange, any other standard 60L sparkling water C02 cylinders work with the device.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro + Four SolarSaga 200
MSRP: $3,999.00

As someone who likes to spend time both on the road and outdoors, I am always drawn to products that provide off-grid energy solutions. However, up until now, my biggest qualm with the sector has always been practicality. Charging a 1000W generator off of solar panels could take upwards of six hours in pristine conditions, which are often hard to find in the backcountry.

What makes the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro revolutionary is that users with four 200W solar panels can bring the generator to full charge in just 1.8 hours, which is a vast improvement over previous generations. For those looking to charge up the generator before heading into the backcountry, the device also reaches full charge in 1.8 hours when plugged into a wall outlet. The battery is designed to last for 10 years on one full usage a week.

Modulo from Pret a Pousser
MSRP: $199.99

The U.S. is becoming increasingly curious about sustainable agriculture as consumers push back against the processed food industry. Modulo from Pret a Pousser is an innovative hydroponic indoor gardening solution designed for ease of use. It allows users to grow herbs right on a countertop, and the company’s mission is to make “home growing accessible to anyone.”

The system is extremely easy to set up. Simply fill each pot with water, insert the seed pods and plug into a wall outlet. The seed pods are 100 percent biodegradable and all the nutrients the plant needs for growth are included in the seed capsule. The plant floats on a reservoir of water, which needs to be refilled every 2 to 4 weeks. A dozen small LED lights — which are designed to mimic the sun — provides the plant with all the necessary luminescence. Possibly the niftiest feature of the device is the accompanying mobile app that allows users to customize what times the plants receive light

EVO II Pro & Smart Controller from Autel Robotics
EVO II Pro MSRP: $2,593.00
Autel Smart Controller MSRP: $1,299.00

I think we can all agree that drones are an extremely exciting consumer technology segment that is rapidly growing in popularity and innovation. Shenzhen-based Autel Robotics provided the sleekest and most impressive drones that I found on the show floor. The EVO II Pro can be controlled remotely from distances exceeding nine miles. The device also has a highly respectable run time of 48 minutes and can capture images in stunning 8K.

The company also provides a wide range of controller options to choose from, headlined by the Autel Smart Controller. Featuring a 7.5-in. display, the Autel Smart Controller is powered by a Samsung Exynos 8895 8-core processor and has 128GB of internal memory. The controller is also designed to operate in rugged conditions and can withstand working in temperatures ranging from -4° to 104°F.

The IFA show opens to a crowd.


The Reigning Tech Trends
at IFA 2022

Immersive screens, smart glasses and e-chargers
stood out this year’s show

By Erinn Loucks

With nearly 30 buildings and multiple levels of exhibits, IFA 2022 might not have been its biggest iteration ever, but it was still housed hundreds of CE products from around the world worth seeing in person. Dealerscope editors canvassed the whole of the show and boiled down some key trends that stood out. While the show was massive enough to have trends in every sector, we found four areas that seemed to stand out in particular:

Getting Around with E-Bikes

Our senior managing editor was on the hunt the whole show for the next best e-scooter, but while there were definitely a few of those, we found many more e-bikes than we expected. According to data released by the LEVA, there were nearly 790,000 electric bike imports in the U.S. in 2021, which is a whooping 70 percent increase from the 463,000 imports in 2020. Put this in perspective with the 652,000 electric cars and hybrids purchased by Americans in the same year, according to Bloomberg.

A study done in Germany by Deloitte this summer found that this increase — which is also happening across Europe — is probably because of both the aesthetic attractiveness of e-bikes, as well as the more reasonable price. This is particularly evident in the U.S., where the price has been driven down by multiple startups.

The bikes shown at the show not only represented what’s coming next but also what trends are drawing in consumers today. Riley’s RB1 and RB2 e-bikes — which are set to come out in 2023 — take the same convenient and easy-to-use technology from their scooters into two lightweight bikes. Then there’s OKAI’s EB100B electric bike that was created for sharing with a friend or partner with a swappable battery, helmet storage, integrated IoT and a frame made of aircraft-grade materials.

That IoT technology is practical in a bike because it can allow the user to easily lock and unlock the bike and have access to GPS, instead of having to dangerously pull out a phone to see a map. Manufacturers like Bosch have taken their e-bike tech a step further with the Bosch Performance CX Smart System, which includes a display, an LED remote and a drive unit. There are helpful features like an Auto mode — coming in 2023 — which will detect the gradients in the road and automatically adjust support on the bike for a smoother ride.

Riley’s RB1 and RB2 e-bikes take the same convenient and easy-to-use technology from their scooters into two lightweight bikes.

OKAI’s EB100B electric bike was created for sharing with a swappable battery, helmet storage, integrated IoT and a frame made of aircraft-grade materials.

See More with Smart Glasses

The hottest new wearable might arguably be the most James Bond-esque yet. Consumers are drawn to their subtle and convenient technology, which enables easy music listening, calls and even capturing and sharing photos and videos. Most of these use some kind of bone conduction technology, which is widely available now in sport headphones. However, having eyeglasses with this tech is more suitable for all-day wearing.

They aren’t just for convenience though. Mutrics BG-30 smart glasses are specially designed for video gamers. A combination of open-ear audio, advanced surround sound and anti-blue light lenses are meant to give both the eyes and ear comfort for a little over four hours of play time.

Then there are products like Ampere’s smart sunglasses, which claim to be the first app-enabled electrochromic smart sunglasses. They allow users to adjust the tint in 0.1 seconds with the press of a button on the frame, or the tint can be adjusted in the app as well. This stand-apart feature pairs with the now more common characteristics of smart glasses, like directional speakers and a built-in microphone.

While there was nothing too groundbreaking at the show for smart glasses, there was enough of a presence to indicate that consumers are very interested and are on the lookout for the next big thing. There are already glasses out there for recording and posting social media content, but what might be interesting is when augmented reality (AR) glasses become available for consumer use. Right now, there are some being used in research and industrial applications, but soon it might be possible to lay out Google maps in front of you or play virtual games.

Ampere’s smart sunglasses are the first app-enabled electrochromic smart sunglasses. and users to adjust the tint in 0.1 seconds with the press of a button.

Mutrics BG-30 smart glasses are specially designed for video gamers with a combination of open-ear audio, advanced surround sound and anti-blue light lenses.

Rethinking Sustainability and Tech

We all know sustainability is huge, and in Europe especially manufacturers are trying to promote eco-friendly practices. This manifested in two main avenues: green lifestyles and greener mobility.

There were almost too many products designed to promote greener lifestyles, and a lot of them were niche and one-of-a-kind. There was BRU, which brews tea at the push of a button without using wasteful capsules or pods. Then there was a tiny company called briiv, which claims to be the world’s most sustainable air purifier and be as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants — all with the footprint of one tiny lichen-like potted plant.

And of course, EV chargers were everywhere this year, and this reflects global trends. This is on the heels of recent laws like California’s Advanced Clean Cars II rule, which aims to have sell only zero-emission new cars and light trucks by 2035. Across the European continent, electric cars are on the rise and more public and private chargers are needed.

Manufacturers are addressing this need with products like Qualcomm’s Next-Gen Powerline Device, the QCA7006AQ, which allows vehicles to seamlessly authenticate on the network and coordinate the timing and direction of energy to and from the grid and home. Schneider Electric also has an EV Link Fast Charge Solution designed to charge 80 percent of an EV battery in less than two hours, depending on the model.

Briiv claims to be the world’s most sustainable air purifier with the power of 3,043 medium size houseplants.

The EV Link Fast Charge Solution from Schneider Electric was designed to charge 80 percent of an EV battery in less than two hours, depending on the model.

Immersive Screens for Work and Play

While some of the smaller Asian companies unfortunately missed out on IFA because of travel restrictions, the main players were there with all of their gaming tech in tow. One of the biggest trends in there were the immersive, often curved screens that could draw the user into the game without dizzying side effects (mostly). LG’s Curved UltraWide QHD Monitor boasts a 34-in. screen, QHD resolution and a refresh rate of 160 HZ. With a 144HZ standard for most gaming monitors, this hits a sweet spot for those looking for top quality products at a reasonable price. Unveiled at the show, the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 meanwhile is an OLED screen, so there is no backlight, but it still offers true black and RGB. This OLED has a 1800R curvature and a 175Hz refresh rate to stand out from the pack.

While these curved monitors can be used for professionals that need a lot of visual room on their screens, there were also several foldable PCs at the show to offer versatility and convenience. The Asus Zenbook Fold 17 has a desktop mode, which is a 17-in. screen but can fold into a much smaller 13-in. laptop for people on the move. Consumers want ease of use and customization above all else, and this type of innovation caters to that demand.

These are just a handful of the trends that could have been pinpointed at the show. While all this tech has room to innovate, for now it showcases the trend we saw most at IFA 2022: potential.

LG’s Curved UltraWide QHD Monitor boasts a 34-in. screen, QHD resolution and a refresh rate of 160 Hz.

The Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 has a 1800R curvature and a 175Hz refresh rate.

The Asus Zenbook Fold 17 has a desktop mode, which is a 17-in. screen but can fold into a much smaller 13-in. laptop for people on the move.

IFA Summit+

IFA Summit+ Dives into the Pros and Cons of Deglobalization

Speakers of the event include
Dr. Sara Warneke, Dr. Martin Schulte, and former
Greek Minister of Finance Dr. Yanis Varoufakis

By Sam Hitt

After two days of important keynotes, IFA’s center stage in hall 23 has been repurposed for a different venue: IFA Summit+. The event runs all day and features an endless stream of expert guest speakers as they explore the pros and cons of the polarizing question of deglobalization and whether or not it is a viable option for solving a disrupted global economy.

In the past two years, calls for deglobalization have been the strongest in decades fueled by a global pandemic, a crippled supply chain, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a series of trade wars centered around protectionist tariffs. IFA Summit+ seeks to explore the effects of deglobalization by examining the issue through a variety of ecological, political and financial lenses. Speakers of the event include Dr. Sara Warneke, Dr. Martin Schulte and former Greek Minister of Finance Dr. Yanis Varoufakis.

Yanis Varoufakis, Source: Common Dreams

One of the most insightful talks of the event came from Dr. Lisandra Flach, director of the ifo Center for International Economics, on the global supply chain and the effects of reshoring. For those unfamiliar, reshoring is the process of returning manufacturing to a company’s original country of origin.

To quantify global sentiment surrounding deglobalization, a study from ifo found that in 2021 governments around the world imposed 894 new protectionist measures compared to just 217 new liberalizing measures. This dynamic shouldn’t come as a surprise since the past two years have exposed just how dependent the United States and Europe are on a fragile global supply chain that relies heavily on China. To put this dependency in perspective, China is one of the top five trading partners for 7 out of 9 critical raw production materials such as silicon, boron, cobalt and titanium.

So how have companies in the private sector responded to supply chain disruptions and an over-reliance on China? Another ifo survey found that companies plan to reduce machinery and equipment imports from China by 47.9 percent, electrical equipment by 42 percent and data processing equipment by 37.3 percent. The data behind the reasoning for these planned decreases in imports from China shows that 79.1 percent of companies are looking to diversify production while 66.3 percent of companies are turned off by the high cost of shipping.

However, an analysis of economic models from ifo warns of the negative GDP impacts that would result from deglobalizing trade. According to ifo, if trade barriers were to force countries into reshoring their supply chains national GDP would decrease by 9 percent. Moreover, if countries were forced to engage in nearshoring, the process of moving production to neighboring countries, GDP would decrease by 4.2 percent.

Dr. Lisandra Flach wrapped up by saying, “We have geopolitical risks and economic risks that must be considered when firms make decisions about their supply chains.” However, “nearshoring or reshoring is not a solution to make supply chains more resilient to negative shocks.”

Dr. Lisandra Flach, Source: ifo
Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon


Why Qualcomm Believes It's Poised to Power the Future of CE

The company’s vision of connectivity is centered around Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more working together to form a seamless ecosystem.

By Sam Hitt

After days of preparation and buildup, IFA finally got rolling this morning with the opening keynote speech from Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon, who used the platform to highlight some of the company’s key partnerships in the mobile, audio, and XR sectors.

The keynote, which focused on the future of connectivity and the evolution of AI, also featured a multitude of guest speakers including Dr. Won-Joon Choi the Head of the Flagship Product R&D Team from Samsung, Lila Snyder the CEO of Bose, and last but not least a recorded message from none other than Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg’s presence came with an announcement that Qualcomm has partnered with Meta to custom produce chips for all of the Quest virtual reality devices. At the moment, Snapdragon is used in more than 50 XR devices.

These guest speakers, all of whom enjoy close partnerships with Qualcomm, demonstrated the versatility of the Snapdragon chip for powering industry leaders across a multitude of sectors. Moreover, while the partnership between Meta and Qualcomm will certainly be headline news, it wasn’t the only significant announcement from the keynote. Bose also hinted at a new product release set for next week.

Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm

The vision of connectivity that Amon outlined in his talk centered around Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other key elements working together to form a cohesive ecosystem that is constantly connected to the cloud. The guiding principle according to Amon is that “modern experiences are mobile.” The key to creating this ecosystem is the Snapdragon Connect platform.

Amon told attendees: “Snapdragon Connect is not just about providing you the fastest modem. It’s about making connectivity work to exceed your expectations across every single possible technology.” He went on to say, “we believe at Qualcomm that the scale of artificial intelligence is not yet here and that technologies such as 5g will drive the significant expansion of AI.”

From here, Amon highlighted a new laptop in the works, which is being coordinated by Qualcomm and Microsoft to merge the power of Snapdragon Processing and Windows 11 to create a PC that is “going to be as smart as your smartphone.”

Another exciting theme from the speech was some of the major developments in Wi-Fi, particularly regarding Wi-Fi 7. “Wi-Fi is really the mission-critical technology working alongside 5g for work, for play and for learning. I’ve never seen a time of more innovation in Wi-Fi than right now,” said Amon.

Overall, the keynote stressed the exciting future of AI integration across almost every sector of the consumer technology industry from audio to XR and everything in between. Qualcomm is also developing its Snapdragon Digital Chassis platform to support innovations in e-mobility and autonomous driving. According to Amon, all of these developments make AI-dedicated processors the fastest growing area for the Snapdragon family of products.


City Transformer Wins SHIFT Mobility’s
“MIND Shifter” Competition

The startup competed against nine others
for the winning prize.

By Erinn Loucks

A representative from Car Transformer accepts Shift Mobility's award

Judges chose City Transformer as the winner of the startup competition “MIND Shifter” from SHIFT Mobility. They were awarded 10,000 euro.

City Transformer was founded in Tel Aviv in 2014, where it designs, develops and produces foldable smart electric vehicles. The startup’s first product, the CT-1, is an all-electric emissions-free microcar meant to reduce traffic, emissions and parking issues in metropolitan areas. At its presentation, City Transformer explained how their microcar — which takes up about the same space as a motorcycle — can easily move about a busy city while offering the comfort and convenience of a car. At the touch of a button, the car also expands to a small two-seater vehicle for longer rides with a companion.

City Transformer is a mini car meant for navigating big cities, with the flexibility of becoming a two-seater car at the touch of a button.

Competing against City Transformer were the following startups:

RadSee: This company’s 4D imaging radar was designed with the flexibility for easy integration into existing systems, and the low cost needed for widespread adoption.

ParcelP: ParcelP aims to transform the way shipping logistics works with “slogistics” and last mile delivery.

DirecTrainSystems: This startup uses proprietary Dynamic Coupling technology to develop a unique and sustainable Urban Freight Parcels delivery service by rail.

Second Ride: Second Ride takes iconically designed mopeds from former East Germany and converts them into electric bikes for an affordable price.

recyclehero: This is an innovative recycling service involving hand pickups, subscriptions and easier ways for consumers to recycle goods.

2roam: This startup hopes to make large festivals and events more eco-friendly by linking people with nearby buses.

THEO: THEO is a robot delivery service on e-powered wheels that hopes to take the strain off the lack of labor in this sector.

VePa- Vertical Parking: With the lack of parking available in European cities, VePa offers a rotary parking system that creates 16 parking spaces in just 35 square meters.

Vesputi: This startup is a B2B mobility backend that makes local busses and trains accessible to everyone.

After the preliminary selection process, the startups presented themselves in front of a large audience, trade visitors and numerous media at IFA Berlin. They were judged by their idea, the degree of innovation, feasibility, their team and their concept. Members of the jury included Dr Hans Hamer (CEO SHIFT Mobility), Britta Reineke (the founder of electric), Erinn Loucks (editor in chief of Dealerscope & Connected Design), and Carsten Heintzsch, Michael Schmidt (UBS) and Nadine Hanfstein (creative director of ramp).

CT Lab Global Media COO Alice Schmalzl tests out an e-scooter on the SHIFT Mobility campus.

All ten startups received press coverage, coaching from Carsten Heintzsch and time on the global stage at SHIFT Mobility.

SHIFT Mobility is a convention that looks at the future of mobility. SHIFT is the place to learn about the most promising visions, future trends and breakthroughs where critical minds, cutting-edge scientists, game-changers, inventors, C-level company representatives and start-ups come together that jointly work on the disruptive technological developments, novel business models and products that will fundamentally change our experience of mobility.

“I think that, on the one hand, there will be further progress and thus also optimization in the area of existing mobility concepts, for example through renewable energies, less energy consumption and the use of new intelligent materials. And on the other hand, completely new dimensions of mobility will become possible through drones, air cabs and autonomous driving,” said SHIFT Mobility CEO Dr. Hans Hamer.

Christopher Anderson Pia and Echo Corsica 2018, Copyright Christopher Anderson Magnum, Photos Courtesy Robert Morat Galerie
Christopher Anderson Pia and Echo Corsica 2018, Copyright Christopher Anderson Magnum, Photos Courtesy Robert Morat Galerie


Celebrating the Impact of Photography

An interview with Benjamin Jäger,
the art director of Berlin Photo Week

By Erinn Loucks

Berlin Photo Week 2022 took place this last week at Arena Berlin and celebrated 75 years of Magnum Photos. Dealerscope spoke with Benjamin Jäger, the art director of Berlin Photo Week, to find out more about the show.

Dealerscope: Why did you choose to partner with Magnum Photos?

Jäger: Honestly, you don’t choose Magnum. It is more a privilege and an honor to work with such a famous agency and to be the official partner celebrating the biggest international event program on Magnum’s 75th anniversary.

Magnum is the perfect partner for us to be able to celebrate the different facets of photography. The agency’s legendary photographers have created icons of photography that have shaped our collective visual memory over the past 75 years. For this reason, we have also decided to present the exhibition MAGNUM PHOTOS – 75 years. This exhibition turns the lens around in order to focus on the Magnum photographers and their stories. It examines the ways in which the photographers, the agency and the medium of documentary photography have evolved over time. It provides a valuable and fascinating insight into the process and historical background of the making of many of the finest photographs of the 20th and 21st centuries.

However, it is not only the images from the past that we exhibit or discuss but also the current ones that may become the icons of tomorrow. Especially in times of fake news, it is enormously important to have such a credible agency with renowned photographers that you can rely on for their sources and images. This is exactly what we want to discuss on site and also make clear to visitors the importance of photographs, especially in the digital age. We have a Magnum conference day and are especially proud that SPIEGEL — one of the most important news magazines in Germany — hosted the conference with their editors.

There are numerous masterclasses, workshops and book signings with the photographers in our Main Hub of the Arena. In addition, there are many exhibitions, openings, parties and events with Magnum photographers throughout the city in museums, galleries and institutions. Please check our program, it is worth it. These are just a few reasons to describe why MAGNUM is the ideal partner for BERLIN PHOTO WEEK and all our visitors.

The science is clear: Deep sleep is one of the most important ways we can positively impact our physical and mental well-being. But according to a Phillips international survey[1] conducted in 2021, just 32 percent of people reported feeling rested most mornings. That’s helping fuel interest in audio devices that help you fall/stay asleep as well as meditation aids that ease anxiety and stress when we’re awake — with the goal of improving sleep.

Sleep earbuds and headbands must be low-profile and fit securely enough to let you sleep in whatever position you normally use without causing an ounce of discomfort and without falling out in the middle of the night. The reason these devices often lack active noise cancellation is because that would both add bulk and be less effective at mitigating higher-frequency sounds like voices and traffic than masking (obscuring unwanted sounds with a wash of noise). Also, in a nod to the ample scientific evidence that phones are terrible pre-sleep companions, some sleep earbuds don’t require a smartphone connection to function.

Guided meditations can help calm an anxious mind whether in the middle of the day or just before we drift off at night. While the popularity of apps like Calm and HeadSpace has skyrocketed, phones are often the very thing we need to escape for at least a few minutes while we clear our heads. Audio devices like those covered below offer a moment’s peace through meditations and soundscapes, with the aim of easing anxiety so your brain will let your body fall asleep. Some require a Bluetooth connection to your phone, but all have the ability to let you avoid having to interact with the phone for basic operation.

Dealerscope: How do you decide what photos get selected for Berlin Photo Week?

Jäger: Actually, you can’t answer that in general, because it varies from year to year. This year, of course, the focus is on the MAGNUM photographers. However, it is important to us that we not only present pictures of the famous founding fathers but also want to present contemporary and current topics especially by young photographers — the next generation of MAGNUM — so to speak. We are showing the Propaganda series by Nanna Heitmann (b. 1994 in Ulm, Germany) a documentary photographer and a Magnum associate who is currently based in Moscow. She presents in a simple and direct way the visual propaganda used by the Russian government to “shape the minds” of the Russian people. She also chronicles the effects of this propaganda with her ongoing coverage of Russia and its invasion of Ukraine.

Furthermore we are presenting the impressive series “La Casa Que Sangra,” (The House That Bleeds) by Mexican photographer Yael Martinez (born 1984). It is a documentary photography project that focuses on communities fractured by organized crime, in a physical and psychological sense.

Above Image: Arena Halle Außenansicht, Foto Markus Nass, Courtesy BERLIN PHOTO WEEK

But also the numerous other events throughout Berlin focusing on Magnum add to the great charm of the Berlin Photo Week. Dr. Candice Hamelin from Reinbeckhallen curated especially the exhibition JETZT – Magnum Photos. The exhibition will feature ongoing and recent projects by 20 photographers. Each of these asks us — whether it is by framing their photographs with fictional and non-fictional texts or by incorporating film, sound, architecture and textiles into their practices — to reflect not only on how photographic genres, in particular photojournalism, are changing, but also on the role and the possibilities of photography today.

The Helmut Newton Foundation exhibits “Magnum Photos: The Misfits” at its project room on the ground floor. This exhibition takes the visitors back about half a century to an influential era of big film productions. Arthur Miller’s play The Misfits was filmed by John Huston with a star-studded cast, and nearly all the Magnum members — like Dennis Stock, Elliott Erwitt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson, Cornell Capa, Ernst Haas, and Erich Hartmann, a who’s who of the history of photography at that time — took photographs on the set in Reno in 1960. Furthermore galleries like Friedrich Loock presents “A Pound of Pictures” by Alec Soth, Robert Morat shows “Family Trilogy” by Christopher Anderson, and there is also CHAUSSEE 36 “Dancing through Times of Uncertainty” with photographs by Inge Morath.



Everything You Need to Know From ShowStoppers at IFA 2022

Both champagne and tech innovation flowed in abundance during ShowStoppers at IFA 2022.

By Sam Hitt

Located in the expansive, glass-enclosed South Entrance to the Messe Berlin convention center, ShowStoppers 2022 featured 50 companies ranging from recent start-ups to innovative products from more recognizable brands. The event, which is exclusive to press, consistently features businesses pushing the boundaries of how we can use technology to improve our daily lives. This year’s event, which marks 26 years of ShowStoppers, was no different and featured a slew of unique innovations.

ShowStoppers Venue at the South Entrance

Two products from the event – Carbon8 and Pret a Pousser – were featured in our IFA 2022 Product Roundup and for good reason. Both Pret a Pousser, which specializes in indoor hydroponic gardening solutions, and Carbon8, which instantaneously carbonates water, are scalable in the United States and provide quality solutions for high-demand challenges. A third vendor of note from the event is Zendure, which is providing the first semi-solid state battery energy storage system. Think of it as an electric generator that can be used to power your house in case of emergency or charge your electric vehicle at night.

Left: Carbon 8 CEO and Founder Andreas Hansen, Right: Dealerscope Group Publisher Tony Monteleone

While ShowStoppers featured plenty of information discovery, it was also a great opportunity for colleagues to reconnect and network after a two-year hiatus. Moreover, with all the catered food and open bars, an unsuspecting onlooker couldn’t be faulted for looking at the event and confusing it for a large cocktail party.

Honor CEO George Zhao delivers his keynote speech at IFA 2022.


Connection and Collaboration Innovation

Tech company Honor discusses
new abilities in their IFA keynote

By Alec Paige

George Zhao, CEO of HONOR

Honor, the Chinese technology company known for its smartphones, tablets and laptops, held a keynote at IFA announcing a number of new products and its vision for the future of interconnected and augmented reality technologies. These products will not be exclusive to China but will release in Europe as well.

At this keynote, Honor’s CEO George Zhao spoke first, touching on Honor’s vision to contribute to the industry and better the future of technology through interconnectivity and an open form of communication and collaboration with other tech manufactures and producers around the world. Zhao went on to talk about Honor’s new MagicOS 7.0 operating system, which goes directly in line with the interconnectedness and openness that Zhao had spoken about. Products not running MagicOS can easily connect to those that are, allowing for cross-device collaboration. More features that Zhao explored with this updated MagicOS is its scenario-based user experience, device performance enhancement and ecosystem compatibility.

Another highlight of Zhao’s segment of the keynote was his speech on Honor’s connective ability to break boundaries between devices, focusing on how seamless and productivity-boosting this new system is. Users can connect their Honor devices to create an entirely interconnected system. One mouse can be used to drag pictures from a smartphone to a laptop or from a tablet to a smartphone, and one keyboard can be used across all devices. This productive and connected ecosystem was a major focus for Zhao’s segment.

He went on to conclude his segment with Honor’s fitness and health commitment, explaining an upcoming personalized fitness assistant app that will be available in October. The app will provide fitness suggestions and training courses that are tailored to user’s habits. Zhao compared the app to a personal trainer that is always available.

Then came the product announcements, announced by Tony Ran, president of Honor Europe.

The first announcement was that of the Honor 70, the latest in the company’s lineup of smartphones. One of Ran’s focuses on this smartphone is its unique diamond-patterned design that he said was designed to stand out in a market full of phones that look similar. It will come in either white, silver or black. The Honor 70 is only 7.91 mm thick and weighs only 178g. It has a 6.67-in. screen size and has 1920HZ PWM dimming. It is capable of 66W SuperCharge technology, which takes a mere 45 minutes to fully charge the phone.

The Honor 70 has a dual-main camera with a 50mp ultra wide and macro view and a 54mp super sensing main camera. But the highlight of the Honor 70 announcement was Honor’s new Solo Cut Mode, which has a number of interesting video features. The Solo Cut Mode can take two videos at once: a normal video and an individually-focused video that highlights and tracks a selected person. Users can switch the person that the camera is tracking. Basically, users can get two videos in one take.

Honor also announced a new MagicBook 14, the latest in the company’s laptop series. There were not a ton of groundbreaking developments here, but the MagicBook 14 is configurable with prominent NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics technology. It’s also outfitted with improved dissipation tech that will help keep the laptop cool while running heavy-duty programs or games.

The final product announcement was the Honor Pad 8, the company’s latest tablet. It has a 12-in. screen, displays in 2K, has a 6.9mm thickness and weighs 520g. The Pad 8 has an aluminum build and comes with eight stereo speakers, with the tablet being DTS certified. It can open four apps at the same time and supports multi-screen collaboration between smartphone and tablet. It has two versions, one that has 4GB RAM and another that has 6GB RAM.

Ran finished the keynote by briefly touching on the localization efforts of Honor Europe as well as technological expansion into AR and VR. The company is hosting an interactive AR artwork and design competition where AR enthusiasts can submit their artwork for a possibility to win.

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